Our mission is to provide homes for those in need.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization driven by the belief that a safe, solid home can be the catalyst to dramatic and positive change in people's lives.



In high school, 'Home for a Home' founder Nick Cooper visited Mexico every spring break with a group of fellow students to build houses for the poor. The experience of seeing such stark poverty and lack of adequate housing left a lasting impression.

After college, Nick found success in his real estate career, but over time felt a lack of purpose and became determined to find a way to create a positive impact through his work efforts.

Inspired by the rise of social enterprise, Nick explored the idea of using real estate as a vehicle to relieve suffering and provide hope in people's lives. With this innovation, the concept of using revenue from real estate transactions to sustainably support home construction for those in need was created.

Currently, Home For A Home is partnering with organizations in Guatemala to construct simple, yet solid homes for families lacking adequate housing.